Oct 29, 2013 06:19 AM EDT

Dutch Hoag National Open vs. Mother Nature

Black Rock Dutch Hoag National Open vs. Mother Nature Makes For A Long Day... Corey Costa Scores Empire 100 Street Stock Win... Dale Caswell Tops Go Nuclear/BRP Late Model Challenge... Bob Henry (Modified), Ray Bliss (Crate Sportsman), Mike Wilmot (IMCA), and Rick Horton (Four Cylinder) Take Home Their Division's Awards
By Morgan Colegrove : Rain, Snow, and Cold in the hours prior to Saturday's Dutch Hoag National Open at Black Rock Speedway put the track prep crew to the test, and made for a much longer show than any one would've liked, but with nearly 180 cars filling the pits, promotor Dean Hoag was adament that the show would go into the books. Track conditions weren't optimal for practice, but continuing work made the track tacky, fast, and relatively smooth for the first, and remaining, races. Track crews burned alot of fuel battling an outside berm throughout the day, but the racing was awesome, with nearly every feature being debated right up to the final checker.
    The day kicked off with the completion of a rained out Street Stock feature from back in June, with Rich Green taking the checkers. Brett Marlatt kept the pressure on in the closing laps, but settled for second, with Jeremy Potrzebowski a close third. Jake Karlnoski and Corey Costa rounded out the top five.
    Twenty eight of the best Street Stocks in the Northeast were scheduled to take the green in the Empire 100, but Gene Sharpsteen's entry failed him on the parade laps. Dave Matwiejow used the outside lane to lead the first six laps, with Kurt Stebbins shadowing him. Stebbins took command on lap seven, and held court at the front until the ten minute break at the halfway point.Chris Fisher and Kreg Crooker had been hanging tough in the top five throughout the first half, and were joined at the front of the field by twelfth place starter Cory Costa, twenty third place starter Tim Gullo, and Jeremy Potrzebowski, who took the green in twenty sixth, when the race re-started at lap fifty one. Stebbins fought off all challenges until disaster struck on the eighty fourth lap and the leader headed to the pits with a flat right front tire.Gullo took over at the front, with Costa, Jon Carpenter, Fisher, and Potrzebowski in tow. Dylan Cecce, who lost a lap shortly after the halfway break, was racing with the lead pack in an attempt to get back on the lead lap. The last ten laps were wild, with Gullo, Carpenter, and Costa exchanging the lead. Gullo exitted with five laps remaining, Costa slid into the lead with Carpenter alongside, and kept the crowd on their feet to the checker. Carpenter settled for second, with Rich Green and Kurt Stebbins racing past Fisher on the white flag lap to record fourth and fifth.
    Jeremy Wonderling was the class of the field in the Go Nuclear/BRP Late Model Challenge, pulling away on every restart after taking the lead on lap two. On the twenty fourth circuit, mechanical gremlins took Wonderling off the track, and Bryce Davis, who had come from eleventh starting spot, assumed the lead. Davis was in position to record his second National Open win in as many years, but with two to go, his mount showed signs of slowing, and on the white flag lap, the machine was well off the pace. Jason Knowles powered into the lead, but at the end of the back straight, his car also broke. Dale Caswell, who had been manhandling an ill handling racecar throughout the latter part of the race, all the while hanging around the top five, suddenly found himself leading off turn four to the checkers. The 2013 Go Nuclear Series Champion led Charlie Sandercook, Brandon Ford, Shane Tenace, and Brian Knowles to the line.
    Joe Dgien led the Big Block/Small Block Modified field to green and held the top spot for seven laps, until Alan Rudalavage powered to the outside. Rudalavge would hold the lead for the next thirteen circuits as his competitors sorted out behind him, some making impressive moves from deep in the starting field. Ron Cartwright, Brady Fultz, Donnie Lawson, and Bob Henry debated the second spot just inches off Rudalavage's rear bumper until Cartwright slipped by for the lead with five laps remaining. Henry made a fifth to second move on the twenty third lap, moving Rudalavage back to third.On the last lap, Henry overpowered Cartwright to take the win, with Rudalavage hanging onto third over Donnie Lawson, who survived a late race melee that stripped the right side body panels off the car. Dale Welty parlayed an eighteenth place starting spot into a solid fifth place finish.
    The Crate Sportsman lineup featured an all Buono fornt row, with Bob on the pole and son Brett alongside. Brett paced the field for the first six laps, with Bob concentrating on handling challenges from Ray Bliss, Donnie Lawson, Casey Pavlick and Rob Humphreys before Bliss powered past father and son to take the lead. From that point on everyone was chasing the orange number 12z. Lawson and Brett Buono debated second with Lawson winning that debate, and Pavlick slipped by Buono with four to go to secure third. Humphreys rounded out the top five.
    Chris Flemming started on the pole and led every lap of the IMCA feature... except from turn three to the finish line on the last lap. Six different drivers were recorded in the top three during the twenty five lap feature, but from the third lap on, the constants were Flemming and Mike Wilmot. Wilmot positioned himself perfectly entering turn three on the last lap and led at the finish line by just a couple of feet. Gary Roberts snagged the third spot, with Scott Sebring making a steady run from the thirteenth starting berth to take fourth. Matt Jones completed the top five.
    Rick Horton led every lap of the Four Cylinder main event, but it was not near as easy as that sentence indicates. Horton lost the lead a number of times throughout the twenty five lap main event, only to regain it by the time he got back to the scoring line. Greg Mahrt, Brian Grant, Trevor Dudley, and Jeremey Trank provided the pressure, but Horton was up to the task. Dudley and Horton split around a lap car on the final exit to turn four and the margin of victory was only a few inches. Trank crossed the line third, Grant was fourth and Mahrt settled for fifth.

Street Stock (make up feature): Rich Green, Brett Marlatt, Jeremy Potrzebowski, Jake  Karlnoski, Corey Costa, Daryl Krebs, Gene Balmer, Dave Matwiejow, Bob Buono, Jim Thompson, Nate Daggett, Gene Sharpsteen, Dylan Cecce, Chris Fisher, Jeff Smith, Kurt Stebbins, Tim Gullo, Tracey Dunn, Rich Sharpsteen, #5?, Kregg Crooker, Ted Morseman, Wayne Robertson, George Lavare

Street Stock  50 cars HEATS(5):Daryl Krebs, Dave Matwiejow, Kurt Stebbins, Jon Carpenter, Steve Deinhardt.   CONSI(2) Tracey Dunn, Chuck Winslow
Street Stock (Empire 100) Cory Costa, Jon Carpenter, Jeremy Potrzebowski, Rich Green, Kurt Stebbins, Chris Fisher, Dylan Cecce, Tim Gullo, Wayne Robertson, Steve Deinhardt, Jeff Smith, Joe Chamberlain, Earl Zimmer, Chuck Winslow, Kreg Crooker, Rich Sharpsteen, Daryl Krebs, Butch Green, Jake Karlnoski, Frank Chapman, Dave Matwiejow, Brett Marlatt, Gene Balmer, James Kreidler, Paul Harrington, Tracy Dunn, Russ Morseman, Gene Sharpsteen. DNQ: Rich Talada, Eric Boynton, Tommy Paige, Charles Harvey, Carl Cleveland, Mike Schultz, Rich Sharpsteen Sr., William Bleich, Steve Sklar, Ken Bagnouche, Jim Thompson, Bruno Richard, Ted Morseman, Lee Sharpsteen, George Lavare, Mike Schrader, Jared Hill, Nate Daggett, Bob Buono, Ray Strickler, Jason Butler, Glenn VanCise 

Modified 28 cars HEATS(4): Joe Dgien, Donnie Lawson, Dylan Dewert, Alan Rudalavage       CONSI: Ron White
Big Block/Small Block Modified: Bob Henry, Ron Cartwright, Alan Rudalavage, Donnie Lawson, Dale Welty, Chris Ostrowsky, Brady Fultz, Rich Newton, Scott Boudinot, Bryan Worthing, Ron White, Mike Ward, Dave Allen, Dylan Dewert, Marcus Dinkins, Steve Hartman Jr., Tyler Siri, Joe Dgien, Brian Weaver, Katelyn Kane, Frank Dunning, Ray Bliss, Eldon Payne, Alan Johnson    DNQ: Steve Badick, Terry Hough, Tim Schneider, John Venuto

Late Model 26 cars HEATS(3): Bryce Davis, Scott Waters, Jeremey Wonderling
Go Nuclear/BRP Late Model: Dale Caswell, Charlie Sandercook, Brandon Ford, Shane  Tenace, Brian Knowles, Bryce Davis, Jason Knowles, Brad Mesler, Jared Hill, Jason McGregor, Dave Talbot, Harry Halliday, Steve Coit, Adam Turner, Kyle Sopaz, Brian Down, A.J. Kinsley, Ronnie Davis, Jeremy Wonderling, Tim Murphy, Mike Wonderling, Scott Waters, Carl Cleveland, Rick Miller  DNS: Ike Fanton, Zach Carley

Sportsman 36 carsHEATS(4): Bob Buono, Brett Buono, Ben Wheeler, Ray Bliss                     CONSI(2): James Henry, Brady Fultz
Crate Sportsman: Ray Bliss, Donnie Lawson, Casey Pavlick, Brett Buono, Rob Humphreys, Ronnie Davis, James Henry, Brandon Ford, Brady Fultz, Loren Lincoln, John Hargrave, Stacey Jackson, Josh Keesey, Earl Rudy, Rich Powell, Eric Bell, Colin Brown, Chris Manjiarelon, Ryan Tracy, Bob Buono, John Austin, Benjamin Wheeler, A.J. Lloyd, Adam Hilton, Josh Butler.   DNQ: Brent Ayers, Brian Swarthout, Fran Hilton, Adam Dupuy, Chris Silvers, Austin Murphy, Dale Welty, Ronnie White, Ryan Davis, Nick Guererri, Kevin Ridley 

IMCA 22 cars HEATS(3): Jake Karlnoski, Mike Wilmot, Matt Jones
IMCA: Mike Wilmot, Chris Flemming, Gary Roberts, Scott Sebring, Matt Jones, Todd Stone, Dan Burman, Tyler Stoddard, Tony Harris, Jared Spalding, Harry Ely Jr., Brad Sites, Bob Garvey, Brad Smith, Mike Stoddard, Matt Roberts, Eddie Sites, Kenneth Winn, Ray McClure, Rich Karlnoski, Brian Steigerwa, Jason Benjamin

Four Cylinder  19 cars HEATS(2): Rick Horton, Greg Mahrt
4 Cylinder: Rick Horton, Trevor Dudley, Jeremy Trank, Brian Grant, Greg Mahrt, Cody Baker, Chad Ayers, Adam Delgrosso, Joe Cron, Bill Werner, John Washburn, Steve Perkins, Tommy Rought, Erica Bell, Josh Sharpsteen,   DNS: Dave Hibbard, Rich Wagner Jr., Brandon Mathews, Vern Flourney

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