Jul 13, 2013 01:03 AM EDT

Donnie Lawson Lands Second Straight Sportsman Win at Black Rock

Rich Vleck, DUNDEE, NY, (July 12, 2013)- For the consecutive Friday Night, Donnie Lawson stayed patient, capitalized on every opportunity, and drove underneath drivers hungry for a win to end up in Victory Lane.


Lawson, of Woodhull, NY, won his second sportsman feature in as many weeks, his third win overall in 2013.  The three-time track champion and current point leader took the lead from Ricky Newton coming to complete lap 15 and then held off some hard chargers on a late-race restart.


“The car was really good tonight, all the way up until that final restart,” noted Lawson in Victory Lane.  “I’m not sure if the tired sealed over or what happened but thankfully the race wasn’t any longer.”  Shortly thereafter, Lawson’s night got even better when he drew his own name in the American Racer Tire Certificate Giveaway.


Lawson started 12th in a loaded field and found it difficult to make major strides forward on the opening laps.  Just before a lap six caution, he was able to scoot underneath a dense pack to crack into the top five as the yellow flag was revealed.  Just after a lap 11 restart, he moved underneath Loren Lincoln for second and then set his sights on Newton, who had led since the start of the race.


On the race’s final restart with three laps remaining, Ron Cartwright Jr. began to make things interesting on the top of the track, but ran out of laps and came home in second, just edging out Newton at the line.  Brady Fultz rallied from a spin on lap one to finish fourth, just ahead of Loren Lincoln.  Donnie Lawson’s


On this weekend last year, Dylan Cecce finally was able to put a full feature race together and captured his first career street stock win.  Despite finishing 2012 strongly, Cecce began to fight similar issues on his No. 93 to start this year off; until the second weekend in July that is, as he dominated the 20-lap event.


Cecce, of Bath, scored his first win of the year, leading all but one lap.  In a race peppered with cautions, Cecce was stout on each restart and despite feeling his car starting to overheat and go away in the late stages, held a steady distance over Jeremy Potzrebowski up until lap 9, when the T1 drove by briefly, only to Cecce regain the top spot.  Nate Daggett would snag the runner-up position at the line while Jake Karlnoski would place in third.


After a DNF in last week’s IMCA Feature, Rich Karlnoski was probably wondering when his luck was going to turn around after he was involved in two accidents in the first two laps of this week’s feature.  Instead of sulking though, Karlnoski just “drove angry” and charged to the front to score his third win of the year.


The Dundee resident darted from the back of the field quickly back in to contention, eventually taking the lead from Phil Yaw on lap 12 and then driving away from defending track champion Mike Smith down the stretch to earn a trip to Victory Lane.  A strong run was also turned in by Scott Sebring, who challenged for the lead, took a wild excursion through the infield, and still managed a third place finish.


James Kreidler III scored his fourth Signs Plus of Kanona 4-Cylinder win of the season in five attempts on Friday and it was easily the one he had to fight the hardest for, as he held off a determined Rick Horton.


Kreidler started in 10th but worked his way up to second by lap nine, when the only yellow flag of the 20-lap event occurred.  He took the lead on lap 10 from Horton, who was not ready to just concede the win.  Horton slung his No. 4 around the top, taking the lead back to complete lap 14, but it would not last for long as Kreidler changed his line, took the lead back the next lap, and then held off Horton by less than a car length.  Scott Bradley would complete the podium positions.


Adam DelGrosso scored the win in the FWD 4-Cylinder feature, his first win since opening night.  DelGrosso moved by Craig Mahrt on lap 5 and then held off Jeremy Trank’s late charge in what was a caution-free event.


To kick off the night, Matt Mashewske finally broke through in to Victory Lane, dominating the 10-lap Bandit Feature.  Mashewske darted to the lead at the drop of the green flag and never looked back, holding a steady distance over Allison Teed, who finished second ahead of Joey Rodbourn.


To add entertainment to the night of action, the monster trucks invaded with Higher Education stealing the showThe monster bus out-dueled Mike Vaters’ Black Stallion in both the racing portion as well as the freestyle competition.  Vaters would get the curtain call though as his Kamikaze Jet ATV heated up a crushed car, as well as anyone within earshot.


The next racing event in Dundee takes place on Sunday, July 28 with an amazing 11-feature afternoon show which includes double features for the sportsman, street stocks and 4-cylinders plus the For more information, visit


Black Rock Speedway Results: 7/12/2013-

Monster Truck Night


Hoselton Auto Mall Crate Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)- DONNIE LAWSON, Ron Cartwright Jr., Ricky Newton, Brady Fultz, Loren Lincoln, Rob Humphreys, Brian Swarthout, Billy VanPelt, Chris Fisher, Dale Welty, Fran Hilton, Randy McCulloch, Brent Ayers, Dave Yehl, Eric Bell, A.J. Lloyd, John Agnew, Chris Silvers, Nicole Hoag (DNS).


Lap Leader- Newton 1-14, Lawson 15-20.

Heat Winners- Newton, Fisher, Humphreys.


Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- DYLAN CECCE, Nate Daggett, Jake Karlnoski, Jeremy Potzrebowski, Rich Sharpsteen II, Gene Sharpsteen, Chuck Winslow, Gene Balmer, Dave Matwiejow, Jeremy Perkins, Brett Parsons, Carl Cleveland, Mike Cooper, Larry Fenton Jr., Bob Maynard, Luke Decker, Kevin Parsons, Nick Robinson (DNS), Rich Rider (DNS).


Lap Leaders- Cecce 1-8, Potzrebowski 9, Cecce 10-20.

Heat Winners- Cecce, Sharpsteen, Daggett.


IMCA Modified Feature (20 Laps)- RICH KARLNOSKI, Mike Smith, Scott Sebring, Bruce Tinsley, Phil Yaw, Todd Stone, Rob Wilcox, Rich Howard Jr., Jake Maynard, Eddie Sites, Brad Smith.


Lap Leaders- Yaw 1-11, Karlnoski 12-20.

Heat Winner- Sites, Yaw.


Signs Plus of Kanona/ Watkins Glen NAPA 4-Cylinder Feature (20 Laps)- JAMES KREIDLER III, Rick Horton, Scott Bradley, Russ Wassner, Chris Mashewske, Rich Sharpsteen II, Chad Ayers, Bruce Kinner, Del Cummings, Bobby Teed, Erica Bell, James Kreidler II, Kailey Crandon, Chris Force, Chris Percy, Brian Grant, Brad Rathbun, Jayson Smart (DNS).


Lap Leaders- Mashewske 1-2, Bradley 3-7, Horton 8-9, Kreidler 10-13, Horton 14, Kreidler 15-20.

Heat Winners- Horton, Rathbun, Cummings.


Front Wheel Drive 4 Cylinder Feature (12 Laps)- ADAM DelGROSSO, Jeremy Trank, Craig Mahrt, Nate Freeland, Wes Hotalling (DNS).


Lap Leaders- Mahrt 1-4, DelGrosso 5-12.

Heat Winner- Trank.


Home Necessities Bandits (10 Laps)- MATT MASHEWSKE, Allison Teed, Joey Rodbourn, Trista Teed, Brandon Mathews, Desiree Force.



Lap Leaders- Mashewske 1-10.

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