Jul 9, 2011 01:44 AM EDT

Chuck Hebing Captures Checkered at Black Rock

Rich Vleck, DUNDEE, NY (July 8, 2011)- Chuck Hebing starting on the pole of the 25-lap A-Main might have given the impression that the race could get boring in a hurry; but thankfully for all the fans at Black Rock on Friday that was far from the result.


Hebing, of Ontario, NY, scored his sixth career sprint win at the Black Rock Speedway to move him within one win of George Suprick’s track high seven victories.  Although “Cobra” would lead the completion of all 25 laps, he did not hold the lead the entire way.


In an event sanctioned by both the Empire Super Sprints and the Patriot Sprint Tour, the first July sprint show at BRS since 2004 would feature a battle between the most recent winners on each tour.


Hebing would have to survive myriad of challenges from hard-charger Scott Kreutter down the stretch of the event, including getting back by the No. 52 on lap 21 after Kreutter had slid into the lead off turn four.


“(Kreutter) ran me real clean,” declared Hebing after the event.  “He ran me hard but gave me room and that’s all you can ask for.”


After a third place showing in his heat race, Hebing would benefit from the significant 8-car redraw that was pulled, landing the No. 45 the pole position.  Upon Scott Hixson’s green flag, Hebing would pull away, with his first obstacle being lapped traffic around lap seven.


Without the aid of a caution until lap 16, “Cobra” would carve his way through the back of the talented 23-car field while keeping second-place Alain Bergeron a safe distance behind.  Once the caution flag flew, however, the race would begin to take a number of twists and turns.


Just before the caution, Bergeron would bounce hard off the cushion in turn two, forcing the St. Pie, Quebec driver to the pits for repairs.  That would hand the runner-up spot to Kreutter, who started seventh but had used the bottom lane to drive up to third.


After an unsuccessful attempt at a double-file restart, the field would restart single-file, with Kreutter applying heavy pressure on Hebing for the lead.  Just three laps later, as Kreutter was setting up a move after Hebing hit the cushion wrong, the red flag would fly after Dylan Swiernik’s No. 7c flipped in turn three.


In what would be the final double-file restart of the race, Kreutter would pedal his car on the bottom and dive hard underneath Hebing entering turn three.  Hebing would power off turn four to complete lap 20, but the next time around Kreutter would drive in front of the No. 45, only to have the “Cobra” drive back underneath him.


As the lead duo were coming into turn three on lap 22, Kreutter would clip a concrete “turtle” on the bottom of the track, losing significant ground to Hebing, who would cruise from there to the win.


Upon post-race inspection, Scott Kreutter’s No. 52 was declared to be 35 pounds below the 1475 lb. weight requirement and therefore disqualified.  Despite the disappointment, it would not take away from the spirited battle that had ensued minutes earlier.


With a move underneath Lance Yonge late in the event, Steve Poirier would in the end claim a second-place finish, easily his best finish at BRS.  Local favorite Yonge would also lose a position to sophomore sprinter Kevin Ward Jr. in the closing stages, who would bring home a third.  Yonge would place fourth while Bryan Howland would end up rounding out the top-five.


Rookie Steve Colins would easily score his best career finish with an impressive sixth place performance, ahead of hometown shoe Tim Kelly and PST point leader Jared Zimbardi, who were seventh and eighth, respectively.


Quebec competitors Michael Parent and Alain Bergeron would round out the top 10 as Bergeron would catch a break with a second caution on lap 16 to enable him to stay on the lead lap.


Just outside of the top 10 was ESS Point Leader Shawn Donath, who came home in 11th, two spots ahead of Don Adamczyk who was forced pitside with six laps remaining to replace a flat tire while running inside the top 10.


A total of 25 sprints would converge on the Yates County Oval.  Heat wins would go to Scott Kreutter, Bryan Howland and Steve Poirier.  Cory Sparks would claim the dash while Jeff Cook notched the win in B-Main.


Fran Hilton mentioned a few days ago that the chassis he picked up for the 2011 season combined with the American Racer Tires has been the perfect combination and the secret to his success this year.  “Gentleman Fran” proved that once again Friday Night with a dominating win in the sportsman feature.


Hilton, from Geneva, NY, took command of the feature event on lap three and never looked back as he cruised to his second feature win of the year.  Earlier in the night, Hilton scored his first heat win of the year at BRS with a last-lap, last-corner pass for the win; the feature was much easier.


“The track was super-smooth tonight and I could put the car anywhere I wanted and it would just stick,” said an elated Hilton in Victory Lane.


Hilton took the lead on a lap 3 restart from Brandon Butler under a double-file format, but on a lap 9 double-file restart, he chose the bottom line and nearly lost the spot to Russell Morseman III.  With a caution coming out before another lap was completed, Hilton changed to the top line for the ensuing start which would prove wise as he would rocket back out in front from there.


Donnie Lawson would find his way up to second for an impressive showing while Morseman would hang on to third.  Randy McCulloch was a strong fourth, just ahead of Tyler Siri, who rounded out the top five.


A week after losing the lead of the late model feature in heartbreaking fashion, local favorite Jared Hill dominated all 20 laps of the feature event for his first win in the division.


“We had the best car last week and got into a tangle,” recalled Hill in Victory Lane. “We struggled in the heat and I told the guys when the track dried out we’d be good and it dried out and we were good.”


The first caution of the event occurred on lap 12 and since it was past halfway in the event, a single-file restart would not be a problem for Hill who would drive away from the team car of Mikey Wonderling, who would finish in second.  J.J. Mazur, Jason Knowles and Bruce Miller completed the top five spots.


In what would result in the closest finish of the season, Bob Buono and Chris Fisher, the top two in street stock points, would duke it out in the closing laps and bang fenders down the frontstretch on the final lap with Buono winning by literally inches.


Fisher stalked the No. 64 of Buono for the final five laps but with two laps remaining would finally get a run to the inside and attempt to inch ahead.  Off the final corner the two dominant cars would snake down the frontstretch, with Buono’s right-front corner being the first part to cross the start/finish line.


As the leaders drag raced to the line, Rich Sharpsteen I would score a third-place finish for the second straight week with Tim Hettis and Rich McIntyre completing the top-five.


After winning in a borrowed ride last Friday, Mike Smith jumped back aboard his potent No. 96 with a new powerplant and dominated the 20-lap IMCA Modified feature for his seventh win of the year.


Despite leading from lap four on, the Arkport, NY driver had to drive hard to hold back rookie Phil Yaw who stalked him until the only caution of the event on lap 14 and would score his best finish of the season in second.


Dave Yehl would hold off Rich Karlnoski in a spirited battle for third while Mark Griffin would complete the top five.


To complete the night, the 4-cylinder event would put on a reproduction of the street stock finish as Ray Speicher and point leader Dylan Cecce, using Bobby Teed’s entry after his was damaged in the bandit feature, would force all onlookers to await for the scorer’s decisions before finding out who won the 20-lap event.  The decision was unanimously that Speicher had won.


Cecce was a group back for much of the event but would start to reel in Speicher and Scott Bradley as they mixed it up for the top spot.  Brandon Morseman had command of the field until his engine let go coming to complete lap 13, opening up the door for the win.


Speicher would run consistently on the top of the track while Cecce ran the very bottom of the track, a rare position to find a 4-cylinder competitor in.  The contrast in lines would enable the two too run hard and clean to the line.


Scott Bradley would hang on for third while his teammate Del Cummings would place in fourth.  Early leader Mike Ziarno rounded out the top-five.


In a wild bandit feature, point leader Allison Teed snuck underneath Lance Irwin while he focused on Zach Teed on lap nine of the 10 lap feature and then held off her cousin Zach for her third win of the season.


Allison Teed had made contact with Irwin earlier in the race and Zach Teed came together with her with four laps remaining.  After they went to the back of the pack, the duo worked up through and would have a spirited battle back for the win.


Monster Trucks return to the Black Rock Speedway next Friday Night to add on to a star-studded field of weekly competitors.  For more information, visit


Black Rock Speedway Results: 7/8/2011-

Regular Season Night #10

Sponsored by S.P. Wilson Gas and Ira Wyman Fuels


Sprint Car Results:


A-Main (25 Laps)- 1. Chuck Hebing (45), 2. Steve Poirier (28FM), 3. Kevin Ward Jr. (13), 4. Lance Yonge (17J), 5. Bryan Howland (51), 6. Steve Collins (67), 7. Tim Kelly (12), 8. Jared Zimbardi (35), 9. Michael Parent (25), 10. Alain Bergeron (8B), 11. Shawn Donath (33), 12. Shayne Ely (V8), 13. Don Adamczyk (21), 14. Jeff Cook (10), 15. Mike Stelter (6k), 16. Brad Knab (38), 17. Matt Tanner (90), 18. George Suprick 87, 19. Cory Sparks (7), 20. Dylan Swiernik (7c), 21. Paul Habeck (25H), 22. Tyler Rand (84), 23. Scott Kreutter (52).


Lap Leaders- Hebing 1-25.


B-Mains (Top 4 Transfer to A-Main)-

Race 1: 1. Jeff Cook (10), 2. Tim Kelly (12), 3. Dylan Swiernik (7c), 4. Brad Knab (38), 5. Dave Wickham (80), 6. Mike Stelter (6k), 7. Jeff Frasier (99).


Dash for Cash (4 Laps)- 1. Sparks, 2. Kreutter, 3. Howland, 4. Poirier, 5. Adamczyk, 6. Yonge.


Heats (8 Laps Each, Top 6 Transfer to A-Main)-

Race 1: 1. Kreutter, 2. Sparks, 3. Parent, 4. Zimbardi, 5. Rand, 6. Ward, 7. Cook, 8. Stelter, 9. Frasier.

Race 2: 1. Howland, 2. Yonge, 3. Hebing, 4. Donath, 5. Tanner, 6. Suprick, 7. Knab, 8. Swiernik.

Race 3: 1. Poirier, 2. Adamczyk, 3. Bergeron, 4. Collins, 5. Ely, 6. Habeck, 7. Kelly, 8. Wickham.


Hoselton Auto Mall Crate Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)- FRAN HILTON, Donnie Lawson, Russell Morseman III, Randy McCulloch, Tyler Siri, Trevor Sutherland, Brady Fultz, Loren Lincoln, Brandon Butler, John Juhl, Brent Ayers, Serenity Sutherland, Erick Williams, Chris Silvers, Steve Swarthout, Ray Bliss Jr.


Lap Leader- Butler 1-2, Hilton 3-20.

Heat Winners- Hilton, Silvers.


Late Model Feature (20 Laps)- JARED HILL, Mikey Wonderling, J.J. Mazur, Jason Knowles, Bruce Miller, Dave DuBois, Brian Knowles, John Waters, Quinn Sutherland, Chris Peacock, Carl Cleveland, Dusty Waters, Brandon Smith,


Lap Leaders- Hill 1-20.

Heat Winners- Sutherland, D. Waters.


Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- BOB BUONO, Chris Fisher, Rich Sharpsteen I, Tim Hettis, Rich McIntyre, Scott Sebring, Jeremy Perkins, Nate Daggett, Les McCann, Joe Knapp, Chuck Winslow, Frank Guererri Jr. (DNS), Harold Fenton (DNS).


Lap Leaders- Winslow 1-6, Daggett 7, Buono 8-20.

Heat Winners- Hettis, Daggett.


IMCA Modified Feature (20 Laps)- MIKE SMITH, Phil Yaw, Dave Yehl, Rich Karlnoski, Mark Griffin, Mike VanDyke, Rich McNeal Jr., Steve Sinn, Jason Tuttle, Kevin VanAmburg, Bruce Tinsley.


Lap Leaders- Yehl 1-3, Smith 4-20.


Signs Plus of Kanona/ Watkins Glen NAPA 4-Cylinder Feature (20 Laps)- RAY SPEICHER, Dylan Cecce, Scott Bradley, Del Cummings, Rick Horton, Mike Ziarno, Tracy Dunn, Ray Cornish, Ryan Nichols, Tom Mahoney, Val Stephens, Dave Matwiejow, Brandon Morseman, Brian Thompson, Billy Cagle.


Lap Leaders- Ziarno 1-2, Speicher 3-6, Bradley 7-8, Morseman 9-13, Speicher 14-20.



Home Necessities Bandits (10 Laps)- ALLISON TEED, Zach Teed, Lance Irwin, Trista Teed, Joey Giardina, Joey Rodbourn, Brandon Matthews, Lewis Sharpsteen, Lisa Cornish.


Lap Leaders- Giardina 1-6, Irwin 7-8, A. Teed 9-10.

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