Jul 1, 2011 11:06 PM EDT

Trevor Sutherland Scores first Sportsman Win at Black Rock

Rich Vleck, DUNDEE, NY (July 1, 2011)- Back in May Trevor Sutherland lost the lead with five laps remaining in a sportsman feature, to his sister Serenity no less.  To kick off July, his big sister was once again his largest hurdle standing between him and his first feature win, but this time he would claim the checkered flag.

Sutherland, a Dundee local, won his heat and led all 20 laps of the sportsman feature to become the sixth different winner in the division this season.  Sutherland kept his No. 34 steady in the middle of the speedway and never gave his sister, nor anyone else, a chance to challenge for the lead.


“She made me look bad last time so I had to get a win,” said Sutherland in Victory Lane.  “I liked the way the track was tonight.  It still had some bite and I had a line that worked well for me.”


After hard luck plagued the Sutherland team the last few features, The 34 and 37 cars started on the inside of rows one and two and quickly took command of the largest field of cars on Richard Ganaug Memorial Midseason Championship Night.


A caution on lap 17 would give top competitors such as Brady Fultz and Donnie Lawson one final crack at the Sutherlands, but it was to no avail, as they would finish third and fourth, respectively.  Loren Lincoln would round out the top-five.


Bruce Miller rounded out the night with an impressive performance in the Late Model event as he scored the win in his first appearance at BRS in 2011.


Miller, of Wellsville, moved into second place on lap 11 after a Dave DuBois, who was running in second, spun out his 012 while going after Jared Hill for the lead and collected third place Jeff Chesebro in the process.  Under the caution, Hill’s left front tire went soft, forcing him pitside and handing the lead over to Mikey Wonderling.  A lap after the restart, Miller was in the lead and checking out from the pack.


Wonderling would hang on for second while Alan Wais was third in his first start of the year.  Brandon Smith and Chris Peacock completed the top-five.


In the IMCA Heat Race, Mike Smith blew up his fifth engine of the 2011 season; in the feature he won his sixth 20 lap event of the year.  Smith, of Arkport, used Rich McNeal’s No. 68 entry to drive from the back of the pack and somehow pick up the win with a final-lap pass of Pete Neff.


Pete Neff jumped into the lead on lap five after moving by hometown favorite Rich Karlnoski and held a comfortable lead for much of the race.  Just before a lap 17 caution, Josh Sawyer had reeled in the leader and was setting up a pass for the top spot and was all set up to get by him on the restart, however Neff spun the rear wheels on his No. 36 coming to green and stacked up the field.  Mike Smith, who restarted in fifth, would drive up into second place and make him a contender.


Despite having his car nearly sideways, Neff would hold the lead coming to the white flag but his car would slow entering turn one and allow Smith to drive by for the win.


“I hated to see that for (Neff), he had a great car tonight but right now I will take any way I can,” stated Smith in Victory Lane.


On the final lap, Josh Sawyer’s No. 01 would also have a mechanical issue, allowing Rich Karlnoski to cross in second.  Mike VanDyke and Bruce Tinsley completed the lead lap cars while Neff would end up in fifth. 


Bob Buono lost the lead to Chris Fisher in the street stock feature on a lap nine restart but stayed persistent and made an exciting move to take the lead back on lap 19 to win his third feature of the season.


Buono, of Wayne, declared after the race “that was fun” as he mashed the gas every lap to get back by the defending champion.  Chuck Winslow lead the opening eight circuits until an issue effected his performance and allowed the top two in points to sort it out for the win. 


Buono would peak his No. 64 to the inside of Fisher’s No. 37 for a half-dozen laps before finally making a bid for the lead just after completing lap 18.  The top two would make contact while sorting it out for the win.


Behind Buono and Fisher was heat winner Rich Sharpsteen, Rich McIntyre and Scott Sebring.


In perhaps the best feature of the year, Rick Horton scored his first win of the year in a race that appeared as if it would be decided between Ray Speicher and Dylan Cecce.


Speicher and Cecce swapped the lead six times over the second half of the 20-lap feature, but with the two youngsters so focused on one another, it allowed Horton along with Scott Bradley to make it a four-car scramble for the lead in the final three circuits.  Depsite slapping the wall off of turn four, Speicher refused to give up the lead, however down the backstretch on the final lap, Horton got a great run in his No. 4 and would prevail as the top four all had a chance at the win off the final corner.


Speicher would cross in second while Scott Bradley finished third.  Point Leader Dylan Cecce would slide back to fourth while Brandon Morseman would run up to fifth in a borrowed ride.


Lewis Sharpsteen scored his second bandit feature win in a row, but it was far from ordinary as he passed Joey Giardina coming to the white flag when the leader developed a problem.  A lap earlier, the two made contact down the backstretch and Sharpsteen almost lost control of the “Flyin’ X”, but he regained it and then caught the break he was looking for.  Lisa Cornish and Joey Rodbourn finished second and third, respectively, scoring their best career finishes.


The action at Black Rock continues at a top level next Friday Night when the Empire Super Sprints and Patriot Sprint Tour combine on the 4/10-mile oval for the second of three big sprint shows at BRS in 2011.  For more information, visit  


Black Rock Speedway Results: 7/1/2011-

Regular Season Night #9


Hoselton Auto Mall Crate Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)- TREVOR SUTHERLAND, Serenity Sutherland, Brady Fultz, Donnie Lawson, Loren Lincoln, Randy McCulloch, John Juhl, Chris Silvers, Chris Comstock, Steve Swarthout, Eric Williams, Tyler Siri, Brent Ayers, Fran Hilton, Ray Bliss, Brandon Butler, Russell Morseman III.


Lap Leader- T. Sutherland 1-20.

Heat Winners- T. Sutherland, Fultz.


Late Model Feature (20 Laps)- BRUCE MILLER, Mikey Wondelring, Alan Wais, Brandon Smith, Chris Peacock, Carl Cleveland, Jared Hill, Jeff Chesebro, Dave DuBois, J.J. Mazur.


Lap Leaders- Hill 1-11, Wonderling 12, Miller 13-20.

Heat Winner- Wonderling.


IMCA Modified Feature (20 Laps)- MIKE SMITH, Rich Karlnoski, Mike VanDyke, Bruce Tinsley, Pete Neff, Josh Sawyer, Steve Sinn, Kevin VanAmburg, Phil Yaw, Mark Griffin, Rich McNeal (DNS).


Lap Leaders- Karlnoski 1-4, Neff 5-19, Smith 20.

Heat Winner- Yaw.


Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- BOB BUONO, Chris Fisher, Rich Sharpsteen, Rich McIntyre, Scott Sebring, Bubba Burnell, Larry Fenton Jr., Teddy Morseman Jr., Tim Hettis, Chuck Winslow, Harold Fenton, Erica Bell, Les McCann, Joe Knapp, Brett Crawford (DNS), Nate Daggett (DNS).


Lap Leaders- Winslow 1-7, Buono 8, Fisher 9-18, Buono 19-20.

Heat Winners- Sharpsteen, Buono.


Signs Plus of Kanona/ Watkins Glen NAPA 4-Cylinder Feature (20 Laps)- RICK HORTON, Ray Speicher, Dylan Cecce, Scott Bradley, Brandon Morseman, Ray Cornish, Chad Ayers, Jordan Siri, Ryan Nichols, Brandon Morseman, Brian Thompson, Val Stephens, Bobby Teed, Del Cummings, Mike Ziarno (DNS), Billy Cagle (DNS).


Lap Leaders- Speicher 1-16, Cecce 17-18, Speicher 19, Horton 20.

Heat Winners- Speicher, Cecce.


Home Necessities Bandits (10 Laps)- LEWIS SHARPSTEEN, Lisa Cornish, Joey Rodbourn, Joey Giardina, Zach Teed, Lance Irwin, Trista Teed, Allison Teed, Brandon Matthews.


Lap Leaders- Irwin 1-2, Giardina 3-8, Sharpsteen 9-10.

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