Jul 16, 2010 11:52 AM EDT

AJ Young Has Entered His Brothers Race
…will get familiar with the car at Black Rock tonight…

St. Catharines, ONT…AJ Young never retired from racing he just stepped away to devote more time to his family. He hasn’t raced in a couple of years, but that will change this weekend. At an impromptu meeting of the Scio Speed Society last night it was agreed that Brady Wonderling would step out of his ride and turn the controls over to AJ Young. The last minute deal is simply another way that racers support racers. The Wonderling know how much the Brock Young Memorial means to AJ, so why not?

AJ’s last full year of racing with the BRP CanAm Series was 2005 when he finished second in points to Darren Kish. AJ is one of 34 drivers to have won a Series tour event. AJ’s victory was recorded at McKean County Raceway in 2005.

Tonight (Friday July 16) at Black Rock Speedway AJ will get familiar with Jeremy Wonderling’s Red Rocket that usually wears #3j or #3. There has not been decision on the car number for this weekend, but do not be surprised if you see #22 (Brock’s #) or #33 (AJ’s #). Black Rock is a test session of sorts, but just two weeks ago Brady Wonderling drove the Red Rocket to victory at Black Rock Speedway in a BRP CanAm Series tour event. There is a hurry up effort that has slowed all real work in Scio so that as many of the Scio Speed Society members can help fit AJ to the Red Rocket and have him 100% for both Friday and Saturday.

Saturday night will be an emotional tear filled scene when AJ rolls to the line in an effort to win the 8th Annual Brock Young Memorial. Just imagine the scene if he can pull off the win!

Black Rock Speedway gates will open at 5:00 tonight (Friday) for racing at 6:45.

Little Valley Speedway gates will open at 3:00 on Saturday with racing at 7:00 for the 8th Annual Brock Young Memorial – BE THERE!

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