May 21, 2010 10:48 PM EDT

Donnie Lawson and Jeremy Wonderling Back in Front at Black Rock

Donnie Lawson’s outstanding season continued to roll along on a fine Friday Night as he found all the right holes early on and capitalized on it on a late race restart to get into the lead and drive away for his fourth win of the year in the Hoselton Sportsman Division, his third in a row.

Lawson, from Woodhull, swung around Serenity Sutherland on what would be the final restart of the race on lap 14.

“Serenity was running good, she was just swinging a little wide in three, but other than that I think she was better than me,” noted Lawson. “I liked the top, but the car seemed to roll the center on the bottom better than everyone else.”

Lawson started in 10th and had to work hard to make his way through the pack, as many cars were out of shape and getting jumbled up . The No. 11 allowed others to in effect “plow the road” for him to drive though.

The first caution flew on lap six, and on the restart, Lawson was able to move from fifth into third with a solid move on the bottom, allowing him to begin his challenge for the lead. After getting into second he began to apply quality pressure on Serenity Sutherland on ensuing restarts, finally getting it to work on lap 14.

Serenity Sutherland was able to come home in second in a different chassis that had been prepared during the week. John Juhl was solid all night and would cross in third. Trevor Sutherland would finish fourth after a week off and Ray Bliss made his first start of the season count as he completed the top-five.

Jeremy Wonderling had an up and down night, thankfully for him he was on an upswing when the checkered flag waved at the end of the feature.

Wonderling, of Scio, was sent to the back on the third lap after spinning out Chris Peacock. After getting back to the front and eventually to Victory Lane, the former BRS champ was quick to apologize to Peacock in his post race interview.

Quinn Sutherland had command of the majority of the 20-lap event, but on lap 16 his car began to develop a wicked push and within a lap and a half Wonderling had moved by into the top spot.

As Sutherland fought his No. 36 to the finish line, a handful of drivers moved by, including Dave DuBois who made his return after a shoulder injury to cross in second. Rich Karlnoski, Bryce Davis and J.J. Mazur completed the top-five.

In a strange American Racer Street Stock Feature, local favorite Carl Cleveland took home the win after inheriting the lead under a lap 13 caution period.

Cleveland was running second when leader Nate Daggett had to go pitside as his hood was folding up and blocking his vision. At the same time, third place Jim McAfee also had to go to the pits, moving Frank Guererri Jr. into second.

Guererri, along with Scott Sebring, gave Cleveland a run for the money. Chris Fisher would also join the pack after rebounding from a flat tire on lap 9. On the final circuit, with those four scrambling for the lead, the hottest battle was for second, allowing Cleveland to scoot away for his first win of the year in his veteran equipment.

Chris Fisher was able to rally up to second, with Scott Sebring in third. Frank Guererri Jr. was fourth. Early race leader Jared Hill would rebound from a flat tire on lap 11 to get back to a top-five finish.

Ray Speicher was cruising out in front of the Signs Plus of Kanona 4-Cylinder Feature when a caution on lap 16 put his largest rivals on his tail. Rich Sharpsteen would give him a the No. 14 a classic slide job, but Speicher was ready for it, and would drive back underneath and on to his second win of the season.

Speicher took the lead on lap five from Del Cummings. A lap after, point leader Terry Povoski would have to pull into the pits with a flat left rear tire, relegating him to his worst finish in over a year.

Sharpsteen would be able to hold on for second, with Scott Bradley passing his teammate Del Cummings late in the race for third. Jon Wallenbeck made his return to the division pay off with, as he completed the top-five.

Jordan Siri became the first driver to dethrone Noah Herington in the Home Necessities Bandit division, holding off Zach Teed for the win in the 10-lap feature.

Siri took the lead on lap two from Lisa Cornish but had to work the rest of the way to keep Teed behind him, as the No. 6 applied consistent pressure to the No. 28. Behind those two would be Cody Clemens in third and point leader Noah Herington in fourth.

Jeremy Abbey scored the win in the Firefighter Enduro.

The speedway will lie dormant next weekend. Racing action returns on June 4 with a full card, plus monster truck action. For more information, visit

Black Rock Speedway Results: 5/21/2010-

Hoselton Auto Mall Crate Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)- DONNIE LAWSON, Serenity Sutherland, John Juhl, Trevor Sutherland, Ray Bliss, Katelyn Kane, Steve Hartman Jr., Randy McCulloch, Joe Cook Jr., Josh Butler, Jeff Frasier, Brent Ayers, Bryan Faulkner, Loren Lincoln, Rob Richmond Jr., Brady Fultz, Fran Hilton, Steve Swarthout, Casey Pavlick, Damon Walker, Matt Richmond.

Lap Leader- S. Sutherland 1-13, Lawson 14-20.
Heat Winners- Walker, Juhl, S. Sutherland.

Insinger/Sunoco Fuels Late Model Feature (20 Laps)- JEREMY WONDERLING, Dave DuBois, Rich Karlnoski, Bryce Davis, J.J. Mazur, Mikey Wonderling, Chris Peacock, Quinn Sutherland, Rich Hale, Jason Knowles, Brian Kotarski, Carl Shetler, John Waters, Wally Wade (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Karlnoski 1-3, Sutherland 4-16, J. Wonderling 17-20.
Heat Winners- Mazur, Sutherland.

American Racer Tire Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- CARL CLEVELAND, Chris Fisher, Scott Sebring, Frank Guererri Jr., Jared Hill, Larry Fenton Jr., Nate Daggett, Nate Peckham, Mike Jackson, Rich McIntyre, Dave Yehl, Bruce Kinner, Jeremy Perkins, Kevin Morrison, Jim McAfee, Chris Force, Todd Hayward, Brad Rathbun, Jason White, Bob Buono, Les McCann, Rich Bixby Jr.

Lap Leaders- Hill 1-10, Peckham 11, Daggett 12, Cleveland 13-20.
Heat Winners- Guererri, Peckham, Hill.

Signs Plus of Kanona 4-Cylinder Feature (20 Laps)- RAY SPEICHER, Rich Sharpsteen II, Scott Bradley, Del Cummings, Jon Wallenbeck, Erica Bell, Jeff Clarkson, Russ Wassner, Chad Ayers, Val Stephens, Glenn VanCise, Kailey Wassner, Brian Thompson, Jamme Green, Rob Wilcox, Chris Ayers, Terry Povoski, Tyler Siri, Derrick Puryear.

Lap Leaders- Clarkson 1-3, Cummings 4, Speicher 5-20.
Heat Winners- Cummings, Povoski.

Home Necessities Bandits (10 Laps)- JORDAN SIRI, Zach Teed, Cody Clemens, Noah Herington, Lisa Cornish, Joey Rodbourn.

Lap Leaders- Cornish 1, Siri 2-10.

Firefighter Enduro (6 Laps)- JEREMY ABBEY (Tyrone F.D.) , Nate Cook, Wayne McAfee, Evan McAfee.

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