May 7, 2010 10:57 PM EDT

Quinn Sutherland Dominates Dart Late Model Challenge at Black Rock

Luck has not been on the side of Quinn Sutherland over the last few years, but things turned around at the right time for he and his team on Friday Night in front of the hometown crowd.

Sutherland led all 25 laps of the Black Rock/Canandaigua Dart Late Model Challenge to pick up the popular win. In his first win since August of 2008, Sutherland was relieved, to say the least.

“I picked a good night to win,” declared the veteran show of the No. 36 in Victory Lane. “It’s been a while here and feels good to be back.”

Sutherland never encountered any serious battles for the lead, as he was prolific in the bottom lane almost the entire way. The biggest challenge he had to endure were the eight restarts that took place over the 25 lap event.

There were a multitude of incidents throughout the pack, including Greg Galligan and Jason Knowles coming together on lap 20 while battling for second. Knowles would suffer a flat tire and be forced pit side to make the change.

“I was getting nervous with all of those cautions,” admitted Sutherland after the event. “I thought it was never going to end.”

The No. 36 team not only picked up the win on the track, but a member of the team also took home the 50/50 winnings; it was a case of luck turning around in the big way.

J.J. Mazur worked his way up to second and would not let it go once he got there. Jeff Chesebro also moved through the field quality to bring home his No. 97 in third. Mikey Wonderling and Rich Karlnoski rebounded from early issues to complete the top-five.

There was plenty of chaos that took place in Friday Night’s Hoselton Automall Sportsman Feature, but for Donnie Lawson, all he saw was clean race track in front of him from lap 7 on as he cruised to his second win of the season to strengthen his point lead.

Lawson, of Woodhull, made a move underneath Randy McCulloch a lap after an early race restart and was able to get the drive off the bottom of the track in his No. 11; from that point on, no one could hang with the defending track champion.

Fran Hilton jumped out in front early and was doing well holding off McCulloch when his No. 3 inexplicitly made a hard left hand turn off the back stretch and into the infield. On the ensuing restart, invader John Juhl was setting up a pass under McCulloch for the lead on the bottom when Rob Parker’s No. 11x rammed a concrete “turtle” on the inside of turn four, drawing the caution.

Juhl was not as successful on the following restart, as Lawson drove underneath and soon would be in front for the remainder of the event.

As Lawson commanded the 25 lap event, things were dicey for other top-10 spots. Rob Richmond Jr. and Juhl came together with one lap left to go, making Lawson hit his marks one final time on a restart. Lawson was flawless, and would come back to capture the checkered flag, even though wrecking was still going on in turn two as Rob Cartwright Jr. and Serenity Sutherland were getting together.

McCulloch would cross for a career-best second, while Steve Gray would scoot under Loren Lincoln for third, as Lincoln got crossed up in the final corner and would have to settle for fourth. Dave Yehl would work by Brady Fultz at the line to round out the top-five.

In the American Racer Tire Street Stock Feature, Rich Sharpsteen I jumped out to a comfortable lead, but the battle for second was hotly contested. As Frank Guererri Jr., Nate Daggett and Nate Peckham battled on the top of the track, Chris Fisher calmly drove through in the bottom lane and would inherit second; when Sharpsteen’s motor became ill, Fisher would drive by into the lead and hang on for his second win of the season.

Fisher, from Bluff Point, inherited the lead on lap 12 from Sharpsteen, who began to develop an ignition issue on his No. 1 around lap eight. Guererri would close in on the Fisher’s Tree Service No. 37 for the lead, but could not get enough of a run in his No. 113jr to make a pass, and would have to settle for second.

Nate Daggett put together his best feature run in the street stock for third. Bubba Burnell and Andy Fisk quietly moved up late in the event to round out the top-five.

Terry Povoski is known for not moving into the lead of Signs Plus of Kanona 4-cylidner features until late in the going; so when he made the pass on Scott Bradley for the lead on lap 4, his competitors knew they were in trouble.

“The Tornado” secured his second feature victory of the year. Rich Sharpsteen II stayed close to the No. 4 on various occasions, including making contact with Povoski on a lap 15 restart, but it was to no avail.

Sharpsteen would settle for second, with Ray Speicher outdueling Scott Bradley for third. Chad Ayers would rim-ride to a top-five finish.

For the third straight week, Noah Herington held off Zach Teed and the rest of the Home Necessities Bandit Contingent to kick off the night of racing with a feature win.

Herington passed Lisa Cornish on lap 3 for the lead, then held a safe distance over the rest of the field that battled for second. When Conrish’s car came to a stop with just one lap left, Teed had another shot to go after Herington, but was unsuccessful.

Running at the same time as the bandit division were the Junior Enduro competitors, with Dayton Cote coming out on top.

To round out the night, things ended on a wild note with an exciting duel between Rick Trexler and Cody Baker battling for the lead in the 30-lap Enduro.

Trexler moved by Baker on a lap 13 restart, but Baker would move back around him on the top side. Trexler continuously peaked to the inside, but did not have an opportunity to get back to the lead until the pair hit the Scott Rodbourn lapped car. Rodbourn rammed into both cars and made life difficult for the leaders to reach the $1,000 top prize. Baker would eventually drive back around Trexler coming to the white flag and pick up the win over Trexler. Jamie Freeman would round out the money positions.

Racing continues at Black Rock next Friday at 6:45 with a full card, along with a Total Destruction Small Car Demolition Derby. For more information, visit

Black Rock Speedway Results: 5/7/2010-

Hoselton Auto Mall Crate Sportsman Feature (25 Laps)- DONNIE LAWSON, Randy McCulloch, Steve Gray, Loren Lincoln, Dave Yehl, Brady Fultz, Katelyn Kane, Brett Buono, John Juhl, Rob Richmond Jr., Serenity Sutherland, Ron Cartwright Jr., Rob Humphreys, Fran Hilton, Damon Walker, Brent Ayers, Chris Comstock, Jeff Frasier, Rick Willsey, Rob Parker, Steve Swarthout, Matt Richmond, Trevor Sutherland.

Lap Leader- Hilton 1-4, McCulloch 5-6, Lawson 7-25.
Heat Winners- Hilton, McCulloch, T. Sutherland.

Insinger/Sunoco Fuels BRS/Canandaigua Dart Late Model Challenge Feature (25 Laps)- QUINN SUTHERLAND, J.J. Mazur, Jeff Chesebro, Mikey Wonderling, Rich Karlnoski, Adam DePuy, Dick Park Jr., Carl Shetler, Jason Knowles, Adam Ashcroft, Nick Dandino, Chris Comstock, Greg Galligan, Wally Wade, Jim Johnson, Jared Hill, Jeremy Wonderling, Chris Peacock, Jon Rivers, Mike Wonderling Sr.

Lap Leader- Sutherland 1-25.
Heat Winners- Galligan, Mikey Wonderling.

American Racer Tire Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- CHRIS FISHER, Frank Guererri Jr., Nate Daggett, Bubba Burnell, Andy Fisk, Carl Cleveland, Jared Hill, Derek Excell, Larry Fenton Jr., Scott Sebring, Jason White, Mike Jackson, Jim McAfee, Kevin Morrison, George Parker, Bob Buono, Josh Parker, Nate Peckham, Jeremy Perkins, Rich Sharpsteen I, Les McCann, Rob Parker (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Sharpsteen 1-11, Fisher 12-20.
Heat Winners- Daggett, Guererri, Sharpsteen.

Signs Plus of Kanona 4-Cylinder Feature (20 Laps)- TERRY POVOSKI, Rich Sharpsteen II, Ray Speicher, Scott Bradley, Chad Ayers, Del Cummings, Russ Wassner, Chad Winslow, Jeff Clarkson, Mike Ziarno, Tyler Siri, Val Stephens, Kailey Wassner, Rob Wilcox, Brian Thompson, Chris Ayers, Bobby Teed.

Lap Leaders- Bradley 1-3, Povoski 4-20.
Heat Winners- Bradley, Povoski.

Home Necessities Bandits (10 Laps)- NOAH HERINGTON, Zach Teed, Cody Clemens, Allison Teed, Lisa Cornish.

Lap Leaders- Cornish 1-2, Herington 3-10.

Adult Enduro Top 3 (30 Laps)- CODY BAKER, Rick Trexler, Jamie Freeman.

Lap Leaders- Hill 1-12, C. Baker 13, Trexler 14-15, C. Baker 15-26, Trexler 27-29, C. Baker 30.

Junior Enduro (10 Laps)- DAYTON COTE, Joey Rodbourn, Justin Eldridge.

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