Sep 4, 2009 11:17 PM EDT

Donnie Lawson and Bruce Miller Win On Championship Night at Black Rock

Donnie Lawson did all he could to get the DIRTcar Sportsman Championship, picking up his 11th win of the year in car No. 11, but it was still not enough for that title.

Lawson, of Woodhull, took the lead on a lap five restart from Brett Buono and kept Todd Henderson at bay to build his overall point leader with just one race remaining in the title chase this season.

Henderson would pressure Lawson on a pair of late race restarts but did not want to do something that would cost him the DIRTcar points title, so he would hang on to second in the race and win the DIRTcar Title by a mere 16 points.

Loren Lincoln battled with Henderson for much of the race but would finish in third, with Brady Fultz and early race leader Brett Buono rounding out the top-five.

Bruce Miller made the most of his front row redraw in the late model feature, leading all 20 laps to dominate for his third win of the year at BRS. The Wellsville driver was very strong on the top of the track and hit his marks each time.

“The car could really rotate well on the top when I went through the corners so it made it real good to drive,” noted Miller after the event.

As Miller was dominating, Dave DuBois was digging as hard as he could to pick up his second straight track championship, but he would come up just short to Dale Welty, who was fourth and did enough for his first BRS title since 2000.

DuBois hurt his chances when he had a flat right rear in his heat while leading and faded to third; those four points that he lost were the difference when the feature was complete, as Welty finished three points ahead.

Welty, who late won the division’s title when it was known as the super stocks, had some engine issues in the final six laps of the race and struggled just to make it to the finish.

“I was praying to God that the thing would make it to the end,” stated Welty in Victory Lane. “These championship deals are go or blow, so there was no quitting.”

Welty nearly spun out on the final lap as he was checking the oil pressure, but regained control of Steve Kent’s No. 92x and brought it home to score the championship.

Frank Guererri Jr. survived a marathon street stock event and ended his championship season in style with a convincing victory in his No. 113.

Guererri, of Ovid, took the lead on a lap six restart and survived a myriad of cautions to pick up his seventh win of the season. With 28 cars in the field, he would earn $500 in the full-field bonus.

Guererri had the championship locked up before the feature even started, but he wasted no time getting to the top and powering his way to Victory Lane for a double interview.

Larry Fenton Jr. had a career-best in second, beating Jared Hill back to the line by a few inches. Carl Cleveland fought his way back to fourth with Andy Fisk rounding out the top-five in a rare start for him at BRS.

The top was the place to be for the 4-cylinder feature, and that was just fine for Rich Sharpsteen II who hung up in the high line and held off a fierce Dave Matwiejow for his fourth win of the season.

Sharpsteen, of Dundee, was part of a thrilling battle that had about 10 cars in the mix for feature win in the final point race of the season. “The Flying X” took the lead on lap nine when early leader Phil Yaw got off the very top line and opened up the door for Sharpsteen.

The bottom line became a factor late in the event as Yaw and Terry Povoski would try it down there. Matwiejow kept trying to crossover on Sharpsteen but to no avail, and would settle for second. Yaw, Povoski and Wassner would complete the top-five. Povoski did not even need his fourth place effort to lock up the 2009 championship.

Dylan Cecce ended the season with near perfection in the bandit division, passing Josh Wallenbeck for the lead on lap five and cruising to his 14th consecutive win and his 16th of the year to earn the series championship.

Wallenbeck would settle for second for the fifth straight event while Val Stephens would run up to third. Zach Teed and Noah Herrington completed the top-five.

Paula Wallenbeck picked up the Ladies 4-Cylinder Title in fine fashion, dominating the final 10-lap feature of the night. Erica Bell and Val Stephens completed the podium.

Phil Yaw picked up a thrilling win in the School Bus/ Motorhome Race, as it was three wide on the final lap, with Yaw holding off the pack in the bus.

Black Rock Speedway Results: 9/4/2009-
T&R Towing, Hoselton Auto Mall, ARC of Stuben and S.P. Wilson Lakes Gas Night

Hoselton Auto Mall Crate Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)- DONNIE LAWSON, Todd Henderson, Loren Lincoln, Brady Fultz, Brett Buono, Chuck Winslow, Gary Hotelling, Tim Povoski, Fran Hilton, Randy McCulloch, Rod Mullen, Ross Vleck, Josh Butler, Bob Buono, Brandon Butler, Mike DeMallie, Craig Gardner.

Lap Leader- Br. Buono 1-3, Lawson 4-20.
Heat Winners- Lawson, Br. Buono.
2009 DIRTcar Champion- Todd Henderson

Freedom Village USA Late Model Feature (20 Laps)- STEVE KENT, Dave DuBois, Greg Galligan, Dale Welty, Rich Karlnoski, Brandon Smith, Chris Peacock, Nate Daggett, Wally Wade, Adam DePuy, Quinn Sutherland, Jeremy Wonderling, Craig Cobb, Mikey Wonderling, John Waters (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Miller 1-20.
Heat Winners- Karlnoski, Welty.
2009 Champion- Dale Welty.

Labatt Blue Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- FRANK GUERERRI JR., Larry Fenton Jr., Jared Hill, Carl Cleveland, Andy Fisk, Scott Sebring, Ralph Champion Jr., Rich Bixby Jr., Chris Fisher, Kevin Clark, Jim McAfee, Mike Jackson, Kevin Morrison, Rob Parker, Jesse Kent, Cory McConnell, Jimmy Grant, Nate Peckham, Dylan Cecce, Christian Thompson, Jayme Gilbert, Jarod Brown, Kurt Baker, Joe Knapp, Josh Parker, Jason White (DNS), Mike Schultz (DNS), Dan Smart (DNS).

Lap Leaders- J. Parker 1-2, Kent 3-5, Guererri 6-20.
Heat Winners- Guererri, Fisk,
2009 Champion- Frank Guererri Jr. Champion.

Signs Plus of Kanona 4-Cylinder Feature (20 Laps)- RICH SHARPSTEEN II, Dave Matwiejow, Phil Yaw, Terry Povoski, Russ Wassner , Scott Bradley, Todd Hayward, Chad Ayers, C.J. Winslow, Doug VanDeeKamp, Brent Ayers, Del Cummings, Brad Rathbun, Jamie Schuyler, Erica Bell, Brian Thompson, Brett Crawford, Alex Stiles, Jack Ayers, Brian Grant, Bobby Teed, Ray Speicher, Chad Winslow.

Lap Leaders- Yaw 1-8, Sharpsteen 9-20.
Heat Winners- Yaw, T. Povoski, Rathbun,
2009 Champion- Terry Povoski

Ladies 4-Cylinder Feature (10 Laps)- PAULA WALLENBECK, Erica Bell, Val Stephens, Amanda Schultsick, Sarah Potter, Jamie Schuyler, Christy Herrington, Kailey Wassner, Lisa Cornish (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Stephens 1, Wallenbeck 2-10.

Home Necessities Bandits (10 Laps)- DYLAN CECCE, Josh Wallnenbeck, Val Stephens, Zach Teed, Noah Herrington, Lisa Cornish, Evan Stiles, Cody Clemens (DNS).

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