May 11, 2009 09:08 AM EDT

Lawson Scores Third in a Row at Black Rock

Rich Vleck, DUNDEE, NY (May 8, 2009)- An afternoon shower changed track conditions significantly, but they didnít alter the results for some of the regular front-runners of their respective divisions.

Donnie Lawson picked up his third win in as many of weeks of Hoselton Auto Mall Sportsman Action, finding his way to the front in his No. 11 to stay perfect in the regular season.

The Woodhull, NY School Teacher moved by defending champion Todd Henderson on a lap 10 restart and pulled away to continue his dominance in the sportsman division.

After winning yet another heat race early in the night to stay perfect in that department, Lawson and Henderson came through the pack to move by early leader Rob Lerch on lap 8, a lap later, a caution was out for debris, setting up a restart that would see the final pass for the lead.

Henderson could not hold off Lawson, and had nothing for him on the two ensuing restarts following the pass, but he was able to hold on for second and stay in a fierce points race.

Fran Hilton was again solid in third with 2007 Champion Brady Fultz fourth. Brandon Butler was impressive in his No. 16, completing the top-five.

After winning his heat race and jumping out in front of the Late Model feature on lap four, Bradon Smith seemed like it was his night to score his second BRS win. Just after half way though, he began to develop a mechanical problem, allowing defending champion Dave DuBois to scoot by. A lap later, Smith was out of the event.

DuBois would pass the field the next two circuits, but two-time champion Jeremy Wonderling was up to the task on the ultra-fast and competitive oval to complete a pass for the lead on lap 13 and hang on for his second win of the season.

Wonderling, of Scio, NY, would come to the checkered flags ahead of DuBois, Dale Welty, and his brothers Mikey and Brady, who completed the top-five.

Chris Fisher picked up his first feature win since capturing the 2008 Street Stock Championship, as he moved by Rob Parker on lap 8 after Parkerís No. 11 suffered a flat right rear tire.

Fisher, of Bluff Point, held off Frank Guererri Jr., who won the first two races of the season, in a race that seemed as if it would never reach the end.

Behind the top two were a trio of drivers turning in impressive performances. Kevin Morrison was third, ahead of Bruce Kinner and Rich Bixby Jr., who completed the top-five.

In the Signs Plus of Kanona 4-Cylinders, Joe Povoski became the fifth different leader of the race on lap 14 and looked as if he would be the last; lapped traffic on the final lap would change that, however.

Povoski came into contact with Brian Thompson coming off turn two on the final lap, cutting a tire on his No. 1J and relegating back to fifth. As Povoski was limping down the backstretch, his brother Terry would drive on by to pick up his third win in as many attempts this season.

As the Povoski Brothers book ended the top-five, youngsters James Kreidler III, Ray Speicher and David Ahouse would place second through fourth, respectively.

Because of the rain, the Bandits did not run their feature until after the heats were complete, which didnít bother Brian Wilson, who captured his first career win.

Wilson took the lead on the first lap after starting third and held off Dylan Cecce, the winner of the first two events in 2009. Cecce applied pressure for the entire second half of the race but Wilson withstood all of his efforts and was not denied.

Jamie Eldredge Jr. would place in third, with Josh Wallenbeck and Josh DuBois completing the top-five.

The second $1,000-to-win Enduro event was hotly contested at the front, with Ronnie Hill leading the final circuit and picking up the outside pole for Novemberís $10,000-to-win event.

Buzzie Weber led on two occasions, but would slip back to third, as James Freeman came screaming from the back to finish in the runner-up spot. Gary Baker and early leader Cody Baker would complete the top-five.

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Black Rock Speedway Results: 5/8/2009-

Hoselton Auto Mall Crate Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)- DONNIE LAWSON, Todd Henderson, Fran Hilton, Brady Fultz, Brandon Butler, Donny Knowles, Ben Wheeler, Craig Gardner, Dan Sellen, Rob Lerch, Josh Butler, Chuck Winslow, Larry Keegan, Ross Vleck, Loren Lincoln, Rick Willsey, Marcus Dinkins.

Lap Leaders- Lerch 1-8, Henderson 9, Lawson 10-20.

Heat Winners- Lawson, Winslow.

Freedom Village USA Late Model Feature (20 Laps)- JEREMY WONDERLING, Dave DuBois, Dale Welty, Brady Wonderling, Mikey Wonderling, J.J. Mazur, Ron Mogavero, Quinn Sutherland, Nate Daggett, Rich Karlnoski, Bob Buono, Brandon Smith, Tracey Rhoads (DNS), Chris Peacock (DNS).

Lap Leaders- M. Wonderling 1-3, Smith 4-10, DuBois 11-12, J. Wonderling 13-20.

Heat Winners- Smith, DuBois.

Labatt Blue Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- CHRIS FISHER, Frank Guererri Jr., Kevin Morrison, Bruce Kinner, Rich Bixby Jr., Mike Schultz, Gene Parker, Rich McIntyre, Jayme Gilbert, Scott Sebring, Jim McAfee, Rob Parker, Larry Fenton Jr., Jeremy Perkins, Jared Hill, Christian Thompson, Josh Parker, Carl Cleveland, Jason White, Brandon Ameigh, George Parker, Mike Schroder (DNS).

Lap Leaders- R. Parker 1-7, Fisher 8-20.

Heat Winners- Perkins, R. Parker, J. Parker.

Signs Plus of Kanona 4-Cylinder Feature (20 Laps)- TERRY POVOSKI, James Kreidler III, Ray Speicher, David Ahouse, Joe Povoski, Chad Ayers, Del Cummings, Brad Rathbun, Dave Matwiejow, C.J. Winslow, Russ Wassner, Brent Kirk, Brent Ayers, Jason Barrett, Harry Ayers, Brian Thompson, Cody Moorehouse, Erica Bell, Rich Sharpsteen II, Chad Winslow, Scott Bradley, Andy Wolfe, Joe Cron, Brett Crawford, Dave Yehl (DNS), Phil Yaw (DNS), John Agnew (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Bradley 1-2, Speicher 3-9, T. Povoski 10, Speicher 11-13, J. Povoski 14-19, T. Povoski 20.

Heat Winners- Crawford, Sharpsteen, Rathbun.

Ladies 4-Cylinder Feature (10 Laps)- PAULA WALLENBECK, Cheryl Smith.

Home Necessities Bandits (10 Laps)- BRIAN WILSON, Dylan Cecce, Jamie Eldredge Jr., Josh Wallenbeck, Josh DuBois, Lisa Cornish, Cody Chisom, Zach Teed, Destiny Canfield (DNS), Noah Harrington (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Wilson 1-10.

Enduro (30 Laps)- RONNIE HILL, James Freeman, Buzzie Weber, Gary Baker, Cody Baker.

Lap Leaders- Weber 1-11, Baker 12-24, Hill 25-27, Weber 28, Hill 29-30.

1-on-1 Spectator Race Truck Winner: Adam Hines
1-on-1 Spectator Race Car Winner: Jim Dalrymple

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