Aug 30, 2008 01:29 AM EDT

Mike Mahaney Makes Last-Lap Pass To Score First Modified Win at Black Rock

DUNDEE, NY - Mike Mahaney not only scored his first-career modified win on Friday Night at Black Rock Speedway, he did it in the most dramatic way possible.

On a night with 102 cars in the pits, and almost as many sponsors in the booths, the King Ferry, NY rookie made a last-corner pass on the topside of turn three and four to move around Serenity Sutherland to pick up the win on the final points race of the year.

Mahaney, who started in fourth, made his first attempt to take the lead from Sutherland on lap 18, but when the two made contact in turn two, he drifted back to third. The Hamilton-Wilbur No. 21 hot shoe was not done yet though, as he drove back into second and made a three-lap dash to battle for the win.

While Sernity Sutherland drove 2/3 of the way up the banking, Mahaney went all the way to the top entering turn one as the leaders took the white flag. The Rookie was able to keep a tire on the outside of the No. 37 to set up his run entering the final set of corners. Serenity’s car became just loose enough in the middle of the track to give Mahaney the advantage he needed to score the thrilling win.

As the crowd went ecstatic, a jubilated crowd rushed over to greet the youngster who could not have won any better way.

Sutherland, who paced the first 10 laps under green flag condition, would settle for second. Dave DuBois would complete the podium while Brian Swarthout finished just ahead of Steve Paine, enough to earn Swarthout his third title in four years.

Swarthout and Eric Fisher were engaged in a season-long point battle. When Fisher suffered a flat tire and was trapped a lap down, Swarthout had enough to park his No. 14 back in Championship Lane.

Brady Fultz used a three-wide pass on lap 11 to gain second place, setting up a pass on Marcus Dinkins for the lead on the final restart of the 20-lap Hoselton Auto Mall Sportsman Feature for the win.

Fultz, the defending Track Champion, split the middle between Chuck Winslow and Loren Lincoln just after half way, but was still two seconds behind early leader Dinkins. When the caution flew on lap 15 he set up a pass on the top of the No. 17.

It was the fourth win of the year for Fultz, who would round out the year second in points. As Fultz was taking the lead, Todd Henderson was following him through into second, which was enough for him to lock up the 2008 Title.

Henderson, who captured six wins on the year in Autogenesis No. 18H, only had to start the feature to lock up his first championship at Black Rock.
Marcus Dinkins slipped back to third, with Loren Lincoln and Chuck Winslow completing the top-five.

Dave DuBois captured not only the win in the Freedom Village USA Late Model Feature; he secured his first ever Track Championship in the process.

The Corfu, NY resident, who made the two-hour tow every Friday Night, picked up the title in style, taking the lead from Tim Schram on lap eight and cruising to his third win of the year.

The driver of the No. 012 noted in Victory Lane that he hit the setup and knew that the best place to stay out of trouble was to get out in front. To ease his tension, his buddy Jim Johnson would ride in his coattails in second.

Dale Welty, who was battling for second on the final lap, spun with the white flag out, allowing Rich Karlnoski to cross in third. Nate Daggett and Chris Peacock would complete top-five.

Rich Talada led all 20 laps of the Labatt Blue Street Stock Feature, but it wasn’t easy. The driver of the No. OH7 held of a slew of tough competitors to capture a special $500-to-win feature.

Because there were 24 cars on hand, for the first time this year, a standard race paid the special bonus to the winner. Talada maintained his position on the topside while other drivers fought to the inside, but to no avail.

Among the drivers battling closely with Talada was Chris Fisher, who crossed in second, which was enough to capture the 2008 Track Championship. Fisher had a fierce battle with Rich Sharpsteen, but when Sharpsteen developed a flat tire on his No. 5, Fisher just had to keep it straight to capture the title.

After Talada and Fisher were Nate Peckham, Jared Hill in a truck and Jim McAfee to complete the top-five.

Ray Speicher, who was arguably the most overdue for a win in the Signs Plus of Kanona 4-Cylinders, finally graced Victory Lane in the final point race of the year.

The Beaver Dams, NY youngster took the lead from Chad Ayers on a lap 15 restart and drove away in his No. 14 for his first win in four years.

The major moment of the race came on lap 13 when Jon Wallenbeck flipped twice on the backstretch in a massive pile-up. He was all right, but his car was not.

Chad Ayers would run the topside to perfection to score second. Terry Povoski rallied from a flat tire for third, just ahead of Scott Bradley. C.J. Winslow made a bid for the lead, but would lose ground and round out the top-five.

David Ahouse doubled his win total from last year in the Home Necessities Bandits Championship Event, picking up his second win of the year.

Ahouse made a dirt-slinging move on Josh Wallenbeck on lap three to take the lead and held off Cody Moorehouse the rest of the way for the victory. While Ahouse would capture the win on the night, it would be Moorehouse who would walk away with a brand new television from Hone Necessities for the Track Championship.

Moorehouse drove the Chris McCann-Owned No. 4JM on the night, the fourth car he used this season to capture the title. Josh Wallenbeck finished in third in the race and in points. Last week’s winner Chad Winslow and Cody Chisom completed the top-five.

Racing will take a seven-week hiatus at BRS and return with the Grand Finale on October 25 for a five-star program. For more information, visit

Black Rock Speedway Results: 8/29/2008-
Watkins Glen NAPA, Home Necessities, Hoselton Auto Mall, Griswold CPA,
Swarthout Recycling and Sue’s Mini Mart Night

Marbles Automotive Modified Feature (25 Laps)- MIKE MAHANEY, Serenity Sutherland, Dave DuBois, Brian Swarthout, Steve Paine, Ron Cartwright Jr., Aaron Jacobus, Brian Doolittle, Dale Welty, Ray Bliss, Chris Ostrowsky, Ron White, Eric Fisher, Donnie Lawson, Trevor Sutherland.

Lap Leaders- S. Sutherland 1-24, Mahaney 25.

Finger Lakes Auto, Truck and Marine/NAPA Up-and-Comer Award- Doolittle.

Heat Winners- Paine, Mahaney.

2008 Champion- Brian Swarthout

Hoselton Auto Mall Crate Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)- BRADY FULTZ, Todd Henderson, Marcus Dinkins, Loren Lincoln, Chuck Winslow, Greg Crooker, Fran Hilton, Craig Gardner, Tom Bayer, Ross Vleck, Greg Hixson, Rick Willsey, Dan Sellen, Rob Bussey, Brandon Butler.

Lap Leader- Winslow 1, Dinkins 2-14, Fultz 15-20.

Heat Winners- Henderson, Fultz.

2008 Champion- Todd Henderson

Freedom Village USA Late Model Feature (20 Laps)- DAVE DuBOIS, Jim Johnson, Rich Karlnoski, Nate Daggett, Chris Peacock, Tim Schram, Tracey Rhoads, Dale Welty, Wally Wade, Jeremy Wonderling, Mikey Wonderling, Quinn Sutherland, Brandon Smith, Allan Wais, Mike Smith.

Lap Leaders- Schram 1-7, DuBois 8-20.

Heat Winners- DuBois, Daggett.

2008 Champion- Dave DuBois

Labatt Blue Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- RICH TALADA, Chris Fisher, Nate Peckham, Jared Hill, Jim McAfee ,Ty Hurlbut, Mike Schultz, Chuck Pruden, Adam Depuy, Rich Sharpsteen, George Parker, Chris Force, Zack Sutton, Jamie Schuyler, Larry Fenton Jr., Jayme Gilbert, Butch Green, Kevin Morrison, Jeremy Perkins, Bryan Faulkner, Nate Daggett, Rich Sharpsteen (DNS), Ross Lurcock (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Talada 1-20.

Heat Winners- Schultz, Fisher, Hill.

2008 Champion- Chris Fisher

Signs Plus of Kanona 4-Cylinder Feature (20 Laps)- RAY SPEICHER, Chad Ayers, Terry Povoski, Scott Bradley, C.J. Winslow, Brett Crawford, Del Cummings, Russ Wassner, Brent Kirk, Scott Woodruff, Harry Ayers, Brian Thompson, Dave Havens, Jack Ayers, Joe Povoski, Jon Wallenbeck, Chris McCann, Rich Sharpsteen, Brad Rathbun, Erica Bell.

Lap Leaders- Kirk 1-3, T. Povoski 4-13, C. Ayers 14, Speicher 15-20.

Heat Winners- Sharpsteen II, Woodruff, Cummings.
2008 Champion- Joe Povoski

HomeNecessities Bandits (10 Laps)- DAVID AHOUSE, Cody Moorehouse, Josh Wallenbeck, Chad Winslow, Cody Chisom, Zach Teed, Courtney McMinds, Kailey Wassner, Lisa Cornish, Brian Wilson, Jamie Eldridge.

Lap Leaders- Wallenbeck 1-2, Ahouse 3-10.

2008 Champion- Cody Moorehouse

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