Jun 14, 2008 12:47 AM EDT

Dave DuBois Breaks Through at Black Rock for First Career BRP CanAm Win

DUNDEE, NY - Dave DuBois had to wait three years, through multiple rain delays and through a race stoppage, but nothing was going deter him on Friday night at Black Rock as he would capture his first career BRP CanAm Series win.

DuBois, of Corfu, NY, captured the $1,500 Brzezinski Racing Products sponsored top prize, leading all 30-laps on the top of the speedway that he has been running at weekly for three years.

“We’ve been struggling with this new car but have got a lot of help from a bunch of guys and it paid off tonight,” said ‘The Outlaw’. “I just can’t thank them enough.”

DuBois has been a winner at weekly competition at Black Rock and Genesee but not until Friday was he added to the prestigious list of CanAm Series Winners.

“We’ve never won a (big) money race like this before,” noted DuBois upon hearing that he would be receiving $1,600 for the win. “This is definitely my biggest win ever.

Because of persistent rain showers late in the evening, the first ever time trials session for the late models had to be scrapped, reverting the format back to the standard draw/redraw procedure.

DuBois dominated his heat race, running laps in the low 17-second bracket, until mud piled up in his right rear wheel. He moved off the cushion and used his hefty advantage the coast home to the win.

“I knew I just had to bring it home in a redraw position so I didn’t mess with the cushion,” added DuBois in Victory Lane.

The No. 012 got the jump into the lead and held the advantage through multiple cautions. After a multi-car pileup in turn three on the fourth lap, the field was sent to the pits to regroup for the finale.

DuBois came back out after the hiatus and was as prolific as ever, holding off a strong Jeff Chesebro for the victory.

Behind the top two were Steve Dixon, who stayed hot in third. Jon Rivers was solid in fourth with Beamer Guzzardi an impressive fifth once again.

Todd Henderson picked up his third straight win in the Hoselton Auto Mall Sportsman division, dodging the steady rainfall and lapped cars that were ever-present in yet another caution-free 20-lap feature.

With the track shining over with passing showers, the most passing was done on the track. Drivers used multiple grooves throughout the night to create one of the most exciting features of the month.

“Right at the beginning it was a little wet but after five or six laps it came in really nice,” said Henderson. “There was one slick spot and we just missed that and were good.”

Henderson moved around Fran Hilton coming to the races halfway point and then proceeded to check out. Brady Fultz began to close in the late stages but ran into lapped traffic and would have to settle for second.

Hilton would cross for an impressive third with Justin Wright slinging his way up to fourth ahead of Marcus Dinkins, who completed the top-five.

Chris Fisher went back-to-back in the Labatt Blue Street Stocks, taking the lead on a lap 4 restart, withstanding the raindrops and holding off the fierce battles by Jeff Bridge for the win.

Bridge charged up through the pack in his first trip to BRS this year, but was just too loose to complete a pass for the lead on the bottom. Off the final corner he got his No. 51 under Fisher, but came up a ˝ car behind and had to settle for second.

Rich Talada flew up in the final laps to place third with Rich Sharpsteen and Dan Hoffman Sr. rounding out the top-five.

Rich Sharpsteen II has been working all year to dethrone Joe Povoski and in a Signs Plus of Kanona 4-Cylinder feature, and that is just what he did on Friday Night.

Sharpsteen dropped a cylinder with six laps to go and had to hold off a fierce Povoski to the finish. He led all 20 laps and became the fourth different winner in the class this season.

Behind Sharpsteen and Povoski were Jack Ayers, Del Cummings and Ray Speicher.

For the Home Necessities Bandits at the beginning of the night, Cody Moorehouse used the tacky surface to his advantage to hold off point leader Dylan Cecee’s late charge to the finish.

Moorehouse scored his second win of the year by a half car length over Cecee, Jamie Eldridge, Chad Winslow and Josh Wallenbeck.

The Ganung Mid-Season Championships will be take place next Friday Night with the huge fireworks display and the Ariel drop from a crane.

Black Rock Speedway Results: 6/13/2008-
Watkins Glen NAPA, Owasco Beverage and Sysco Foods Night

BRP CanAm Late Model Feature (30 Laps)- DAVE DuBOIS, Jeff Chesebro, Steve Dixon, Jon Rivers, Beamer Guzzardi, Dave Yehl, Mike Smith, Rich Karlnoski, Jeremy Wonderling, Chris Peacock, Matt Cobb, Greg Hixson, Mikey Wonderling, Jim Johnson, Mike Williams, Bryce Davis, Quinn Sutherland, Jason Boyle, Wayne Robertson, John Waters, Ron Mogavero, Brett Buono, Larry Knowles, Dan Cobb, Glenn Whritenhour, Paul Grigsby.

DNQ- Nathan Daggett, Jason Tingue, Kyle Inman, Wally Wade, Darwin Davis, Tracey Rhoads, Brandon Smith, Steve Keno.

Lap Leaders- M. Wonderling 1, DuBois 2-30.

Heat Winners- Boyle, Mogarvero, DuBois, Chesebro.

Consolation Winners- M. Cobb, Robertson.

Hoselton Auto Mall Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)- TODD HENDERSON, Brady Fultz, Fran Hilton, Justin Wright, Marcus Dinkins, Chuck Winslow, Daryl Hilkert, Dan Sellen, Gary Hotalling, Matt Smith, Craig Gardner, Greg Hixson.

Lap Leader- Hilton 1-9, Henderson 10-20.

Heat Winners- Hilton, Fultz.

Labatt Blue Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- CHRIS FISHER, Jeff Bridge, Rich Talada, Rich Sharpsteen, Dan Hoffman Sr., Nate Peckham, Nicole Barzee, Dan Smart, Jeremy Perkins, Jayme Gilbert, Chuck Pruden, Jeremy Perkins, Chris Force, Ross Lurcock, Larry Fenton Jr., Jared Hill, Jimmy Grant, Dan Hoffman Jr., George Parker, Kevin Morrison (DNS), Mike Schultz (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Force 1-3, Fisher 4-20.

Heat Winners- Force, Sharpsteen, Fisher.

Signs Plus of Kanona 4-Cylinder Feature (20 Laps)- RICH SHARPSTEEN II, Joe Povoski, Jack Ayers, Del Cummings, Ray Speicher, Terry Povoski, Chad Ayers, Jon Wallenbeck, Scott Woodruff, Russ Wassner, Brad Rathbun, Brent Kirk, Harry Ayers, George Cummings, Kevin Seymour, Brian Thompson, Erica Bell, Dave Havens, C.J. Winslow.
Lap Leaders- Sharpsteen 1-20.

Heat Winners- Sharpsteen, J. Ayers, J. Povoski.

HomeNecessities Bandits (10 Laps)- CODY MOOREHOUSE, Dylan Cecee, Jamie Eldridge Jr., Chad Winslow, Josh Wallenbeck, David Ahouse, Cody Chisom, Cody Clemens, Courtney McMinds, Lisa Cornish.

Lap Leaders- Eldridge 1-2, Moorehouse 3-10.

Teacher/Coach Enduro 1 (10 Laps)- Lynn Hagerdonk (Hammondsport)

Teacher/Coach Enduro 2 (10 Laps)- Rob Mills (Prattsburgh)

Friendly Dodge

Friendly Ford

DC Rauscher

NAPA of Addison, New York

Lanes Yamaha

Macs Dairy Bar

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