Jan 17, 2008 04:32 PM EDT

Black Rock Speedway 2008 Season Announcement

The path to success in the Dirt Track World requires hard work, commitment, and bringing together the best talent available.

Over the past three years that path has been documented by Craig S. Nelson Photographics. Craig has produced volumes of quality, high speed action shots, which will forever hold a moment-in-time for others to enjoy. Unlike many tracks that rely on a parade of traveling photographic talent, Black Rock Speedway has been fortunate to have Craig on board throughout each season. It is this level of commitment that has helped Black Rock excel in the motorsports marketing area and also to allow for some exciting growth in 2008.

Through cooperative efforts of Craig S. Nelson Photographics, Black Rock Speedway, and Three Hamsters Marketing we proudly announce the addition of Wild66 Photography to our 2008 Team.

Zip from brings with him a style of artistic photography previously unseen in the motorsports world. Combined with the precision high-speed action shots of Craig S. Nelson, we feel dirt stock car racing fans will have to look no further than for the very best in racing photography.

Friendly Dodge

Friendly Ford