Mar 16, 2007 08:54 PM EDT

Black Rock Lays Out Tire Rules for 2007

Dundee, NY- Improvements continue to be made at the Black Rock Speedway for the upcoming 2007 season, among those is the improved relationship that BRS has with Hoosier Racing Tire, which will be adding to the point funds this season.

While Black Rock will still have an open-tire program during weekly action in 2007, Hoosier Racing Tire will still have a major presence at the speedway before becoming the exclusive tire manufacturer of the Dundee Oval in 2008.

BRS General Manager Alex Hoag recently announced that in order to be eligible for any point fund monies in 2007, a driver must purchase a minimum of four (4) Hoosier Tries from the Black Rock Speedway. This is a move that will ensure a quality point fund and an easier transition towards the mandated tire next season.

"Hoosier has shown tremendous support towards the speedway and this is the best way to align with them for 2007," said Hoag of the partnership. "This is something everyone is going to benefit from."

To stress the fact, this tire rule for 2007 is only pertinent for those that finish in the top-15 in points in one of the 5 point-paying divisions. Keep in mind that one of the classes, the all-new DIRT Crate Sportsman Division, will require Hoosier Tires for all events in 2007.

To fulfill the required allotment; drivers and teams must contact Alex Hoag at 607-382-8612. Tires may be purchased before the season by appointment or any night throughout the season. Orders can also be made at the car show at the upcoming Black Rock Speedway Car Show at the Arnot Mall in Horseheads, NY on March 24 and 25.

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